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The Crystal River Inn

Gift Certificates

Every year it seems like we do more gift certificates, as Crystal River regulars think of innovative treats for those on their list. Rates begin at $100 per night. One phone call can make quick work of your whole list! Treat someone to:

  • A murder mystery
  • A shopping excursion
  • A little (or big) romantic getaway
  • A weekend escape, complete with dinner
  • Gourmet picnics, historic tours, spa services
  • A weekend without the kids

Call us anytime before your anticipated "need" date, and we'll have a complete package in your hands overnight, ready to be gift-wrapped. But if Valentine's or Christmas or an almost-forgotten birthday has come on you without warning, feel free to download this certificate along with the rest of our site. Bundled together with champagne, a rose, or airline tickets, the gift of an overnight stay is practically unbeatable. (Just remember to call us and register the certificate so it will be valid when it's time to redeem!)

The Crystal River Inn

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326 West Hopkins
San Marcos, Texas 78666