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The Crystal River Inn
Welcome to the Crystal River Inn: Where History Meets Hospitality

Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of the Texas hill country, Crystal River Inn beckons travelers to indulge in a timeless escape where every moment is infused with warmth, charm, and unparalleled hospitality.

A Historic Gem

Steeped in history, our inn stands as a testament to a bygone era, where craftsmanship and elegance reigned supreme. Two Victorian houses originally built in 1883 and 1884, Crystal River Inn exudes the grandeur of yesteryear while seamlessly blending modern comforts with historic charm. From the moment you step through our doors, you'll be transported to a world where every detail tells a story and every corner invites exploration.

Unparalleled Hospitality

At Crystal River Inn, hospitality isn't just a service—it's a way of life. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that your stay with us is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you're seeking recommendations for local attractions, or simply unwinding in the comfort of your beautifully appointed room, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and create unforgettable memories. 

A Haven of Tranquility

Surrounded by lush gardens, Crystal River Inn offers a sanctuary of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you're sipping tea in our garden oasis, strolling along the San Marcos riverbank only 5 blocks away at sunset, or curling up by the fireplace with a good book, you'll find moments of peace and serenity around every corner. 

Your Gateway to Adventure

While the inn itself is a destination in its own right, it also serves as the perfect launching pad for exploring the wonders of San Marcos and the surrounding hill country towns. From hiking trails and historic sites to charming shops and local eateries, there's no shortage of adventures waiting to be discovered just moments away from our doorstep. Let us be your guide as you embark on a journey of discovery and exploration.

Experience the Magic of Crystal River Inn 

Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo retreat, our woman-owned, small independent hotel offers a timeless escape where memories are made and dreams come to life. Join us and experience the magic of our historic inn, where history meets hospitality and every moment is infused with the spirit of adventure. 

Crystal River Inn

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326 West Hopkins
San Marcos, Texas 78666